🌻 Many of you are asking how the marketing and book sales are going and what my publication experience is like.

Here I share my publishing journey, marketing efort and sales figures with you.

I also write about how  I overcame the biggest hurdles.

Amazone sales for Speak #Truth Lies the first month.

I don’t know what I was thinking, believing I could sell a thousand books in the first month, but, I’m happy to be ever the optimist. Speak #Truth Lies was published on June 24 2023.

The biggest effort was getting both the Kindle version and the Paperback working in all the Amazon ‘markets’. For the longest time,  it felt like my book was listed as ‘out of stock’, which of course isn’t the case for print-on-demand. Some of it was me gaining new knowledge. It was just like being back at my desk in Affinity and SITA working out the online customer journey.

Norge 🇳🇴 Ireland 🇮🇪 Europe 🇪🇺 

Publishing on Amazon is not straightforward, not even for someone like me, who thinks I’m good at all things internet because I worked in the industry for 10 years… that is 16 years ago, the internet has moved on so much since then. It feels great to be back at it again. There are still a few teething issues. I had a lovely mail from Margaret, she’s having problems downloading the Kindle version, in Ireland. She was using Amazon.com, so I sent her the Amazon.de link.

and … I what happened next?.

I’ll continue to work with Amazon to figure it all out.

and … I what happened next?. I’ll continue to work with Amazon to figure it all out.

It is hard to believe Speak #Truth Lies has made it from revisions, editing and publication all the way to a road trip in Canada. Thank you Bonnie for reading the book and sending these fantastic photographs. 💛

[Journal 🖋️ Tuesday 25 July]

Today is our penultimate (I love that word) day in our apartment before the packing crew arrives on Thursday. To remember our living room from our Athens apartment. I usually post stories on Instagram and Facebook story, but…

[Journal 🖋️ Saturday 29 July] now I want to have them here too.

This Article is a draft and will often be updated

Much Love and Light

Vig 🧡

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