‘The Captain’s Island,’ stands out as a good contender for the first chapter of Speak #TRUTH Lies. I haven’t seen Dad in 14 years, which was the last time I visited Atløy, the island where he lived for 17 years.

It starts with the cooling sea breeze as the sun kiss my face after a hot day driving. Ruby is beside me telling funny stories, her jumping jack shadow black against the white ferry deck, strikes taller than her in the early evening sun. Deeply I breathe in the fresh smell of salt sea, from as high up on the ferry deck as passengers can go.

Ahead lies Atløy, the ferry crossing from Askvold a short 15 minutes, not enough time to contemplate what will meet us when we get there.

It’s been 14 years since I was here last. The only time I visited The Captain on his island. That time he was waiting for me, opened armed, with his van parked behind the boathouse, out of view. He tossed me the keys as soon as he released his bearhug, and with a grin said, ‘You’re driving.’ The smell of booze hung in the air between us. Why, I asked, did you lose your license? I kept pressing on the question till he admitted it was in dead the case, by which time I was winding his van along the narrow roads towards Herland. He never told me how he lost his license, but it was easy to guess why.   

I see him there now, as the ferry near the port of Gervik. It’s a single ferry dock with the boathouse, he parked his van behind, set back below the farm and new houses under the mountain. I see him now, in my mind’s eye, waiting for me on the dock, grinning.

If you want to read the chapter in full email me and I’ll send you the link to my Google Doc. I’m warning you though, it’s a bit long and still carries a full metal jacket of typos.

As you read I would love to know what you think of the chapter and the book so far, so please tell me. I’m making it easy for you, here are some questions 🙂

  • Is the story good?
  • Can you relate to it?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Is it engaging/hard to put down?
  • Is the writing good (typos besides)?
  • What do you like about the writing style?
  • Does the structure work ie. can you easily follow the story/events?
  • Which of the characters do you (not) like?
  • What makes you (not) like them?
  • Are the place descriptions good? Too much or not enough detail?
  • Can you smell the air and get a feel for the minds of the characters?
  • Do you feel it?
  • Do you want to read more?

I would love to hear your comments and gentle critique. I’m very sensitive when it comes to my babies and we all know, the best way to have a falling out is to criticise ones fiend’s child-rearing style – so be very gentle.

Praise? – Well, I’m not too good with that either, – just kind-hearted straight talking without any bullshit will be great. Just don’t slaughter my muse or put a fire under fear, who are both in the room when I’m writing this story.

Much Love and Light

Vig ❤

I’d love to keep in touch, don’t you? Pop your details in below and every few weeks, or so, I’ll send you my musings on writing, life and #TRUTH hunting.

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