Maadi Write-In

Hey kindred writer,

I’m so excited you’re joining us for our Maadi Write-In’s. This is going to be Amazeballs! I can’t wait to write something Magical with you.

We meet regularly and I send you an email before each meet. We have max 6 seats in each Write-In so make sure you register as soon as you know you can commit to the date. To get the most from your writing experience, I’d like to invite you to join my private Facebook community, where we talk all things writing and I post all our writing events.

What’s an In-Person Write-In?

Well, this is my take on it, and how I run our Write-In’s. First of all we are respectful of everyone’s time and collaborative energy so – we turn up on time, because, as soon as we start we don’t want our energy and flow interrupted. Unless we are at a private home, I carefully select a quiet venue where we won’t get disturbed.

Set your intention

Know what you want to work on before you arrive. Will you be journaling, sketching out a new idea, writing a poem or a letter using pen and paper? Or will you be working on a manuscript, article or blog? Then you probably want your laptop. Make sure it’s fully charged, as electrical sockets are hard to come by in Maadi, even in my living room. 🙂

First 15 minutes

We grab our coffee, tea and water and settle in. I’ll make sure we are all comfortable. Nattering is encouraged until we start, and then we go silent, completely silent.


I guide us into writing through meditation, because it works like fairy dust and invites the muse in. You might want to have tissues at the ready, it’s proven a bit powerful sometimes. Tears are perfectly ok, just don’t rush to comfort anyone if it happens, because we are all more than capable of dealing with whatever comes up for us – on paper. That’s the whole point.

Then we Write

For the next 50 minutes the only thing we’ll hear is the sounds form outside, our breathing, tapping keyboards or turning of pages. Whatever you feel the urge to share verbally, you will be writing instead. This silent collaboration and our time is a sacred creative space.


A the end of  the 50 minutes a gentle chime will bring us back to the room. Stay quiet for another few minutes until everyone looks up, watch their smiles as they come back to the room. The Magic at this point is electric!  Ohhh I Love this so much! 


No we don’t linger, this is not a coffee morning, it is not a discussion forum, it’s only about our own writing. Of course you can arrange to go for a bite to eat or a coffee or even a glass of wine to celebrate afterwards, but right now, we leave the room. Nattering is encouraged as we gather our papers, power down our laptops and find our shoes. And then we say goodbye, for now.

When do I get to talk about my writing?

Well, let’s talk about it and see what we come up with together. You can also join our Virtual Write-Ins, which are very different to this one. Maybe you’d like an accountability buddy? I’m sure that can be arranged. Maybe you want to get feedback on some of your writing, and you don’t feel comfortable sharing it in my private Facebook group, which is a great place for it by the way. Let’s figure it out together because there is always a way. Just Ask!

Can’t make it in person?

Give our Virtual Write-In a try.

Show up

We will always be a small group, max 6 people, so when you commit to be there, make sure you come, and come on time. If you change your mind or you can’t make it, let me know, at least the day before, because then I can give your seat to someone else. You are of course welcome to every Write-In or you can just pick one here and there. You can also join our Virtual Write-Ins.


Yes, pee before we start, even if you don’t think you need too, because you don’t want to get up once we get started.

Flight mode

Yep! switch ‘em off or turn them on flight mode, because we don’t want any interruptions, especially not vibrating ones.


Really? You need to snack when you write? No, I didn’t think so 🙂 Just have a snack before you arrive or plan a treat for afterwards. 


Give me a call, send me a mail, message me in any way, or pop a post on  my private Facebook group, and I’ll get right back at ya. 

I can’t wait to see you 🙂

Love and Light

Vig ❤