You know, when you go to write the ‘homepage’ of your website, the homage of yourself and the light you want to shine in the world, – you can’t just pluck it out of thin air, – right? Or can you?

As a memoirist, I would love to write fiction, to spin my stories into ancient times of myths and fairytales, of deities and gods more powerful than any world-leaders I’ve seen. Sometimes softly spoken though mostly raging against some foreign enemy, like the rising tide of the Nile. – Ohhhh, I feel the creative juices bubbling over the top of my imagination cauldron by the pure imagery of it all.

I think I made a mistake when I promised myself I would finish my memoir before I started a new story.

Sometimes I break promises to myself and sometimes, no matter the reason, I give myself a hard time over it. I have started something new, right in the middle of writing Speak #TRUTH Lies. I promised I wouldn’t, but is it wrong or am I just letting my creative muse come out and play?

Starting another story, mystical and fantastical and outrageously fictitious. I wonder, am only drawn into a fruitless displacement activity where really, all I’m doing is procrastinating on my memoir? – Maybe. Maybe, I’m looking for some respite from the real-life stories in Speak #Truth Lies. Anyhow, – even a writer is allowed a hobby right?

“Even a writer is allowed a hobby, even when that hobby is writing.”

Love and Light

Vig ❤

Join a journey of books, memories, mythical stories, ancient civilisation, childhood deep-dives and mentorship on our road to walking each other home.


Speak #TRUTH Lies

My memoir ‘Speak #TRUTH Lies’ is about growing up in a middle-class Norwegian family, where children are excluded from the conversation, including those that directly involve them. Where ‘We don’t talk about that’ is the standard reply to most questions.

It’s about how ‘silence’ leads the protagonist on a path of lies and deceit, and a whole lot of trouble. And how the ‘silence’ slowly kills the parent-daughter bond, during her teenage years, when at the same time, the parent’s marriage disintegrate.