The Paperback is FINALLY available in IRELAND! ☘️

Amazon won’t ship to Ireland (and a few other countries), so I ordered a load of copies, ready and waiting to be sent directly to you. 🧑 Until the end of December 2023 Irish readers who sign up for my Circular get €4 off stands postage (usually €6). If you live outside of Ireland and want a SIGNED or gift-wrapped copy, normal postage applies.

Order the Paperback directly from me and get your copy SIGNED or Giftwrapped. 🎁 Now isn’t that a great birthday and Christmas idea?

I want the order process to be easy and professional without increasing the price of the Paperback (€19,95). Most of all, I want to give you a 100% personal service.

To order your copy you can email or message me on Facebook. Or use this From ➑️ Click here to order your copy of Speak #Truth Lies. I will email you a secure payment link and the exact cost of postage, and that’s when you decide to buy.

Order the eBook and Paperback from Amazon in your region

Norske lesere kan bestille broken fra Amazon in Sverie eller Tyskland


If you live in Ireland, call into O’Mahony’s and pick up a signed paperback from my favourite booksellers.

You can also order online and get your signed copy sent to you.

Want to read before you buy?

If you already get my Circular, check your email for the link to download your free chapters. Otherwise, click here and sign up, so I can send you the link to download and read the first three chapters. They are FREE!

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