A podcast for readers, listeners and writers of true life stories and memoir lovers.
In each episode, I lift the veil on journaling β€” as therapy on the page β€” by embracing literary tools to release your stories into the world and break the spell on what’s holding us back. Sharing our stories has a healing power, and I want to hear yours!

In this bonus episode, I reveal my method for reviewing the year that was to renew for the future. It’s a little like a recipe for living a good life. I also talk about heartache and longing. Inner critics and dreams for the future. There are three gifts for you in this episode, so give it a listen and let me know what you think.

In this bonus episode, I talk a little about recording my memoir as an audiobook and then I read the first chapter for you.

❝ It is hard to love oneself when the evidence that a parent does not love us is stacked against us. ❞

In this episode, I delve into the essence of my memoir, β€˜Speak #TRUTH Lies’, and reflect on the emotional turmoil caused by my father’s passing, and the impact of family estrangement and childhood trauma on my self-esteem and sense of worth.

I always feared my father and knew I needed to confront my past to overcome this fear. 

Going deeper, I delve into the topic of writing the memoir, my personal struggles, and the battle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

In this episode, I tell the story of how a small childhood trauma impacted much of my life until I figured out where the “trauma” came from.

You can ⁠read the Edward Scissorhands A Trauma Theory story⁠, see the photos and learn more about how this story morphed from a draft to the story you hear today.

In the first episode of the Life and Memoir Circle Podcast, I talk about the four reasons top reasons I am launching a writers’ and readers’ podcast. Who knew a podcast could cure dyslexia?