Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Luxor – Cairo

Homebound Journey

On our last morning, in the lobby, checking out, a shiny new guide great Shane as ‘Mr Ambassador.’ He doesn’t like formalities much, especially being fussed over. Still, he let a porter take our big suitcase, and as we cross the gangplank I fumble in my handbag for the porter’s tip. Pausing a moment by the car door, just opened for me, I glans back at M/S Amwaj. Continue reading “Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Luxor – Cairo”

Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Kom Ombo and Edfu

Kom Ombo Temple

An enigmatic ruin, Kom Ombo rises from the banks of the Nile.  Once a major pilgrimage site for Ancient Egyptians, she is a dedication to Sobek the crocodile God and Horus, the Falcon God. Surrounded by walls protecting her from the flooding river, the site dates to the Ptolemaic dynasty, some 2,300 years ago. Its history and theology chiselled in the walls include images of surgical instruments and a woman on a birthing chair.

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