Not OK

Not ok is ok

Don’t be ok
when it’s not ok
Lean into the pain in your heart
when it breaks
for the smallest things;
a mum who says ‘wait’ when you need her ‘now’
a friend who says ‘no’ when you need a ‘Hell Yeah!’
when you feel belittled, and not invited
when you feel not good enough, or out of place
not heard, not seen
not valued

. . . . listen to your breaking heart
lean into the pain,
Cry if you want
cry and feel
and listen

. . . . don’t paint over the cracks,
and get on with it
let your heartbreak
. . . don’t pretend you’re fine
Be the one who listens,
who stroke you, hear you and sit in the pain with you

That’s how you become ok
not ok
is ok
when you lean in
and listen to how you feel

Much Love and Light

Vig ❤️

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