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My seven-year journey to becoming a published memoirist happened while we lived in Athens, Cairo and Bangkok. Here I write about life as it happens, living abroad, being a mother, wife, sister and daughter as well as living a writer’s life.

If you wonder what it’s like being a published author, and how to write a memoir, from therapy on the page (the first drafts) through revision, editing, book design, publishing, marketing and selling your memoir, you will love these articles.

The shitty first drafts of these articles first appeared in my private journals and morning pages. When you sign up for my biweekly Cercular you’ll never miss an article. Who knows, it might just be the spark of inspiration you need to write.

Welcome to my Life & Memoir Writing Journey 🧡

  • Edward Scissorhands A Trauma Theory

    Edward Scissorhands A Trauma Theory

    “The extent to which you know your inner child is proportional to how well you know yourself.” Vig’s Trauma Theory

  • Moving Chaos

    Moving Chaos

    We arrived in Ireland on Friday 4 August and caught the train to my mother-in-law, thinking we would stay for a few days – that’s […]

  • What my readers are saying

    What my readers are saying

    … omg. Tears, Laughter, Delight and so much more. I love Speak #TRUTH Lies. What a Read! Fantastic! Later, Cliona sent me this WhatsApp message: […]

  • Time to Say Goodbye

    Time to Say Goodbye

    This week, in Athens, a dream came true. With the gift of two tickets, we got to see a hero in concert. Would he sing […]

  • Make a Scene

    Make a Scene

    Think of the first paragraph of your memoir as the opening scene of a movie or tv series. Every story, every movie, every bookstarts with […]

  • Making Memoir

    Making Memoir

    I can’t believe I’m here, that I’ve made it this far. It’s been seven years! Seeing ‘The End’ at the bottom of that page, three weeks ago, […]

  • AI art for writers

    AI art for writers

    I’m having a bit too much fun playing with Artificial intelligence (AI) today. I wanted to see what it comes up with as suggestions for […]

  • ❝The Burning Light of Two Stars.❞

    ❝The Burning Light of Two Stars.❞

    Meet the Author In her 2003 book, ❝I Thought We’d Never Speak Again❞ @laurasaridavis Laura writes about how it went, when she interviewed her mother, […]

  • Turning anxiety into self-awareness

    Turning anxiety into self-awareness

    I’m living in a turbulent time right now. Aren’t we all you might say and if you do, then you are right and I hope […]

  • How to create a safe vessel to write from

    How to create a safe vessel to write from

    I’m trying, I’m really trying to get on with revision, transcribing voice notes and rewriting, while the drilling continues upstairs. our Athens building block is […]

  • Feeling Frazzled

    Feeling Frazzled

    I’m eating chocolate and feel lazy and fat, her message said, I hope you feel better than me.  Nop, I’m not doing any better than […]

  • Hope


    It’s re-write time and from the muddy pool of shitty drafts, a small jewel appears – at least I think it’s a jewel. I rinse […]

  • Letting go of Knowing

    Letting go of Knowing

    Since last week’s blog I’ve pondered the question of wether I can truly let go of knowing, of control, of my need to be right, […]

  • Connect before you React

    Connect before you React

    I adapted this from Dr Shefali, who says ‘Connect before you Correct’ as a parent. I love that woman and I’m so grateful for how […]

  • Not OK

    Not OK

    Not ok is ok Don’t be okwhen it’s not okLean into the pain in your heartwhen it breaksfor the smallest things;a mum who says ‘wait’ […]

  • Charity – The Gift of Giving

    Charity – The Gift of Giving

    In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote;  “The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep […]

  • The True North of Memoir

    The True North of Memoir

    I didn’t realise revising my memoir would be this hard or take this long, but now I see what I’m here to learn.  As I […]

  • Illness the New Normal

    Illness the New Normal

    In 2013 a study by the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) found that over 95% of the world’s population has health problems. Lower back pain […]

  • Mormor and The Queen Mother

    Mormor and The Queen Mother

    On this day (April 9) seventeen years ago, the most nurturing and positively influential woman, to me, took her last breath and left this life.

  • Why Don’t you like me?

    Why Don’t you like me?

    I always thought there where two kinds of people – those with and those (like me) without confidence. Those WITH confidence seemed more genuine. I […]

  • The art and science of achieving goals

    The art and science of achieving goals

    Apparently, most new year resolutions have fallen by the wayside by February, so what can March offer us? Is it better to sit back and […]

  • Getting in sync with the teenage brain

    Getting in sync with the teenage brain

    How brain research helped me be a better parent to my teenage daughter.  This week I had the great fortune to attend a keynote talk […]

  • A Good Enough New Year Resolution

    A Good Enough New Year Resolution

    Whenever I struggle to keep up with my plans I ask myself; – have I broken down the steps into small enough chunks?’ I’ve been […]

  • Flow


    There is nothing quite so luscious as getting lost in the FLOW, where you forget that you haven’t washed your hair in 3 days and […]

  • Light a Candle

    Light a Candle

    I light a candle, defusing healing incense into the space around me, and settle with my writing. It feels like I’ve been gone forever. I’ve […]

  • Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise Aswan – Luxor

    Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise Aswan – Luxor

    It’s been 12 years since the last time we went on holidays, just the two of us, without the Awesome Kid. We tingle with excitement […]

  • The Captain’s Island

    The Captain’s Island

    Dear Ones, [SEPTEMBER 2018] You may know, my father, The Captain, died in July and I went to Norway for his . . . . […]

  • Karl Ove’s Struggle

    Karl Ove’s Struggle

    I’m reading ‘Some Rain Must Fall’ by my fellow countryman and memoirist  Karl Ove Knugsgaard at the moment. It starts with his student year at […]

  • A week before The Funeral

    A week before The Funeral

    Dear Ones, This is one of those strange times in my life, when all I can do is lean into love and be ok with […]

  • Fear


    Today feels like starting all over agin. The surge of fear swells up from my gut like burning indigestion. Halting my breath as if I’m […]

  • Judging Without Why

    Judging Without Why

    Last weekend, having lunch, I saw a good mum feeding her 10 year old daughter. It wasn’t a very healthy lunch and the daughter could […]

  • A day of imperfection

    A day of imperfection

    My god, what am I like? So yesterday I wrote about showing up on time for our Write-In’s and today I turn up late for Ruby’s […]

  • Reliving The Hardest Parts of Our Past

    Reliving The Hardest Parts of Our Past

    One of the hardest chapters for me to write was about what happened in a blue Volvo when I was about 5. It’s one of […]

  • The Shitty First Draft

    The Shitty First Draft

    Donna’s Book on Fire module on the Shitty First Draft really pissed me off. I know that every time I have a strong emotion around […]

  • On Writing Memoir

    On Writing Memoir

    I don’t want to write a memoir. It’s too raw and scary. Too ‘laying it all on the line,’ too vulnerable. I’m afraid I won’t […]

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The No Crap Challenge

The No Crap Challenge

VigMar 6, 20181 min read

I’m so pissed off with looking frumpy in my clothes, because of this belly bump. I’ve had enough and it’s time to do something about it. It has to be simple, no fancy diet or restrictions. No rigid  exercise regime…

Join Our Free Write-In

Join Our Free Write-In

VigMar 5, 20181 min read

“Writing is one of the most solitary activities in the world” Of all the quotes about writing I find this one, from Paulo Coelho, heartbreakingly sad. Outstanding as he is, on this point, a Write-In will prove even this alchemist…