Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Luxor – Cairo

Homebound Journey

On our last morning, in the lobby, checking out, a shiny new guide great Shane as ‘Mr Ambassador.’ He doesn’t like formalities much, especially being fussed over. Still, he let a porter take our big suitcase, and as we cross the gangplank I fumble in my handbag for the porter’s tip. Pausing a moment by the car door, just opened for me, I glans back at M/S Amwaj. Continue reading “Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Luxor – Cairo”

Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Temples of Karnak and Luxor

Temples of Karnak

He won’t come with me this afternoon and I invite my new Dutch friend, Wilma, to join me for our final daylight hours at the vast Temples of Karnak and Luxor. Wilma knows her stuff, she’s been here before, and was he still alive she would for sure have a love affair with the legendary Ramesses II.

19 years ago, Wilma longed for a child, she was standing on the same spot she is now, by the Scarab Beetle, by the scared lake.

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Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise – Valley of the Kings and Queens and Colossi of Memnon

Valley of the Kings

By 9 the next morning we’re chugging along on the little train that brings us to the tomb of Tutankhamun, but we don’t enter here. According to Ahmed the best place to visit King Tut is in the Museum in Cairo. With many tombs more elaborately decorate in The Valley of the Kings, we follow Ahmed’s advice and visit three of the Rameses burial sites that are open today.

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Egypt ⛵️ Nile Cruise Aswan – Luxor

It’s been 12 years since the last time we went on holidays, just the two of us, without the Awesome Kid.

We tingle with excitement walking through the school gate at 9 on Sunday morning. It’s the first time since Ruby started Middle School I’ve been let walk her onto campus, and today I get to follow her all the way to her classroom, which is abuzz with even more excitement. I hand her passport to Andy, her advisor, and nearly forget to hug her goodbye, and have a great PRIME Trip before I bounce back to the car. She will be in Luxor with her grade level for five days without any electronics and we’re strongly advised against calling her.

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