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Laura Davis – Memoir

In her 2003 book, ❝I Thought We’d Never Speak Again❞ @laurasaridavis Laura writes about how it went, when she interviewed her mother, Temme, to get her side of their story journey from #Estrangement to #Reconciliation.

The way she sets up the scene is literary breathtaking and deserves to be studied by novelists and memoirists. With steaming mugs of tea, we – the reader – enter Laura’s living room – strewn with children’s toys;

❝Russian nesting dolls rolling in pieces on the heart.❞

By the time we sink deep into the sofa cushions, ❝sagging from years of children jumping where they weren’t supposed to,❞ we get a sense that Laura is wrapping a shawl of comfort – from her wife and children – around herself.

As she’s about to press ‘record’ on her cases-tape-recorder she #flashback to when the machine came into her life; ❝A gift from Mum. . .❞ Oh, my god, I thought – when I read this – her mum gave her the widget to record the hardest conversation of their – The symbolism in that is mindblowing.

Laura’s choice of words heightens the tension in this vulnerable moment between mother and adult daughter. I can hear the soundtrack and I just know their conversation will rip open old wounds. I wait in anticipation while Laura slows the scene down, with beautiful character descriptions and the winter world outside the window. This is priceless writing. 🧡

I interviewed Laura about her memoir ❝The Burning Light of Two Stars❞ and running her creative writing business on Monday 17 January in @creativeacademyforwriters. A recording is available for members of The Creative Academy for Writers.

If you haven’t read The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story yet, you can read the first five chapters for free and order the paperback, ebook and audiobook from lauradavis. net

This is an extraordinary memoir every memoirist must read.

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